Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekend Bible Reading

On Monday I will have more grammar tips, this time on parallel construction and what it means to our writing. And I'm mulling over various topics to explore further here.

For you writers out there, check out Susan May Warren's blog Book Therapy. She's going step by step on how to set up and write a novel. And there's place for the braver ones to submit their "homework" for Susan and Rachel Hauck to evaluate and help out. I highly recommend it for all writers, pubbed or yet-to-be pubbed!

Have a blessed weekend.

If you're reading through the Bible with me, I hope you're already as blessed, convicted, and in love with God as I am! Each day I ask the Lord to show me what He has for me out the scripture I'm reading. And each day He has answered. He is so good!

Friday Bible reading: Genesis 27–28, Romans 9:16–33
Saturday Bible reading: Genesis 29–30, Romans 10
Sunday Bible reading: Genesis 31–32, Romans 11:1–18

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Rachel Hauck said...

Hey Margie,

Thanks for posting about BookTherapy! It's fun to talk writing!