Thursday, January 24, 2008


Earlier this week my sister sent me a paper my nephew Jared wrote for school (he's in 7th grade). We're all facing the one-year anniversary of my mom's physical death, her entrance into heaven. So of course she's on our minds these days.

Jared graciously gave me permission to post this here:

Jared Anderson
English 1
January 20, 2008

My Grandma

My grandma was the kind of person you could look up to. She was a strong Christian and was someone who would always think of the positive things in life. She had many illnesses and had surgery more than 20 times, but she was full of life even then.
My grandma had a kind of feeling about her- a warm fuzzy feeling that made even the most exotic stranger feel welcome. She would always give to good causes, even if she didn’t have the money.
I only got to meet my grandma’s third husband. He is still alive, but the other two died, one from suicide, and the other from age. Even though she had two other husbands, she still loved her third husband even as much.
When she died, I was extremely sad a losing such a close friend. She was always there for me, even when she was dying. She would love to give me advice when the going go rough. The last time I saw her, I sort of knew that it would be the last time. She knew too.
My grandma is my role model because she was strong even to the end. She was also a strong Christian and loved everyone and everything. I know she went to heaven. My grandma is my idol.

We miss Mom, but we cherish the memories and the many lessons she taught us through her everyday life.

Daily Bible reading: Isaiah 7–8, Mark 3:1–19

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