Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busy Times

Of course my closest friends and my family would ask, "When isn't it busy for you?" And the answer is "Never." Sigh. I can't seem to function if I don't have at least two or three things going on at once.

But there are times, like today when I promised the next installment to parallel construction, that something is just one too many things to keep up with. So . . . today I'm skipping the grammar lesson.

Our daughter is moving to London this weekend, leaving late tonight for the first leg of her trip. She and a friend are spending a couple of days in New York before flying on to London late Saturday night. So tonight she's coming for dinner and we've invited several close family friends to come later to bid her good-bye and let her know how much she's loved and supported in this latest adventure. God is good.

So I'm not going to make any promises about when we'll get back to grammar, except that we will.

Daily Bible reading: Genesis 41–42, Romans 14

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