Monday, January 19, 2009

What's Happening in Israel?

I rarely post on political subjects, since that isn't the focus of this blog. But this issue isn't just political to the Christian, it's biblical. And we can't separate the two in this case.

Last night after our evening service at church, I stayed to watch a short video clip from the David Horowitz Foundation. Even as I watched this video last night, I thought of the many ways scripture is being fulfilled in my lifetime. Pretty awesome, I think.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we recognize that Israel is still God's chosen nation. I believe that means we have an obligation to pray for and support the Jews. Paul talks about this in Romans 9–11.

In regard to the ongoing struggle in the Middle East, we hear various reports. I've often wondered why we rarely hear both sides of the story. Go here to read what Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview.

Our obligation to Israel today is to pray, get involved, be informed, know what is really going on. We are living in awesome times.

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