Monday, July 28, 2008

Quotations to Meditate On

Do you ever run across a quote when you're reading, listening to a sermon, singing a hymn, or any other place quotations are, that just won't leave you alone? I do, all the time. Here are three that I've run across in the past couple of weeks:

Any time truth involves a total commitment in which you will bring yourself to complete humility, to the surrender of your will, you will always have resistance. (Pastor Don Hall—don't know if he quoted from someone else or not. *Smile*)

To move from wishful thinking to reality, you need to be willing to make necessary sacrifices to make change possible. (E-Word Today)

In life, God sets the terms. We don't. (E-Word Today) The more I think on this one, I realize it's related to the other two. Many time my wishful thinking takes the form of daydreaming about doing what I know God wants me to do. And I always have an agenda for accomplishing those things. BUT in reality God overrules my plans with His much-better ones. And when I surrender to that, then comes the resistance from myself, the world, or Satan. Obedience requires sacrifice of our own selfish desires, a dying to self.

Much more to think about here! But I'm done "sermonizing" for today.

Daily Bible reading: Tuesday, July 29—Psalms 49–50; Acts 20:1–16
Wednesday, July 30—Psalms 51–53; Acts 20:17–38
Thursday, July 31—Psalms 54–56; Acts 21:1–17
Friday, August 1—Psalms 57–59; Acts 21:18–40
Saturday, August 2—Psalms 60–62; Acts 22
Sunday, August 3—Psalms 63–65; Acts 23:1–15
Monday, August 4—Psalms 66–67; Acts 23:16–35

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