Monday, July 7, 2008

Grace Builders

Today on the Edit Cafe is a great article by Cec Murphey on the grace builders in my life. I know I have them; I strongly suspect you do too. Go here to read Cec's article.

Daily Bible reading: Tuesday, July 8—Deuteronomy 32–34; Acts 7:44–60
Wednesday, July 9—Obadiah; Acts 8:1–25
Thursday, July 10—Ruth; Acts 8:26–40
Friday, July 11—Psalms 1–3; Acts 9:1–21
Saturday, July 12—Psalms 4–6; Acts 9:22–43
Sunday, July 13—Psalms 7–9; Acts 10:1–23
Monday, July 14—Psalms 10–12; Acts 10:24–48

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