Monday, July 21, 2008

American Christian Fiction Writers September Conference 2008

It’s that time of year again to register for the American Christian Fiction Writers annual conference held in September. This year we are descending on Minneapolis and the Sheraton, Bloomington, for four days (if you count the early bird session) of great information, networking, and fellowshipping with other Christian fiction writers. Barnes & Noble is hosting our annual authors signing at the Mall of America, too. (I’m not a shopper, but even I want to visit this mall.)

This is my fifth ACFW conference, and I’m looking forward to once again seeing many of the friends I’ve made during my four years of being a member. While the first three years were invaluable in furthering my fiction writing abilities, last year’s conference was entirely different. There I experienced more emotional and spiritual healing than the nuts and bolts of writing. And it was exactly why I needed to be there. (To read more about that start here. There are four posts, I believe.)

I don’t know what the Lord has for me this year, but whatever it is, it will be good.

The keynote speaker is Angie Hunt. I’m excited, not only because I count her as one of my friends and mentors since I first got accepted into a fiction clinic she was leading at CCWC four or five years ago but also because she’s an excellent writer and speaker and is always striving to learn more of her craft and of her Lord.

I’ve also signed up for the early bird session again this year with Margie Lawson. She gives so much material out in each workshop I’ve attended (one in person, two online) that it’s well worth the time and money to take again.

This year my sister is joining me at the conference. She’s a new member of ACFW though she’s long been the better writer. We have plans to collaborate on several books, and I’m sure the conference will help get our creative juices flowing.

The workshops, late night chats, and general sessions are all saturated with the Lord’s presence. All are carefully chosen each year to provide the most training possible in the few days we are together.

I’m looking forward to another good conference, and I’d love to see many of my blog readers (those of you who are writers) there. For more information on the conference and ACFW go to

Daily Bible reading: Tuesday, July 22—Psalms 31–32; Acts 16:1–21
Wednesday, July 23—Psalms 33–34; Acts 16:22–40
Thursday, July 24—Psalms 35–36; Acts 17:1–15
Friday, July 25—Psalms 37–39; Acts 17:16–34
Saturday, July 26—Psalms 40–42; Acts 18
Sunday, July 27—Psalms 43–45; Acts 19:1–20
Monday, July 28—Psalms 46–48; Acts 19:21–41

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