Thursday, September 2, 2010

Self-Editing Tips for the Grammatically Challenged

Before I went to Pennsylvania for the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference, I felt led to put all the grammar I teach on into a booklet. I wanted to have it ready for the conference, since I was teaching an earlybird class on the subject. And there's so much more material than I can get into an hour-long class. But it didn't get done.

So my goal is to have it done by the first of next year. When it is done, I'll have it available here and in Marlene Bagnull's online bookstore. If you would be interested in a copy when it is ready, please leave a note in the comments section, and I'll add you to the list I started at the Philly conference.

And if you can think of a snazzier title, I'm open for suggestions! LOL Titles are not my strong point.

As I continue with my intention to blog more in the upcoming months, I'll be continuing on with the punctuation and other grammar tips. So check this blog out on Thursdays for those.

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