Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Celtic Treasure by Liz Babbs

Celtic Treasure by Liz Babbs was released early this summer in Britain. Today, September 1, is the U.S. release. Not wanting to wait until now to get my copy, I went to Amazon.com and found that they were selling it before today's release date. So I've had my copy for several weeks and have enjoyed reading and absorbing the truths in it.

It's a simple gift book, beautifully illustrated with scenes from Landisfarne and Iona and other Celtic religious strongholds of the past. In eight short chapters, Liz introduces us to some of the early religious leaders and the beliefs they emphasized, such as prayer and solitude, the God of creation, creativity that speaks of man being created in the image of God, community and hospitality, and life. Liz has done a lot of research into the lives and writings of these men and women and shares with us their thoughts that have been preserved through the centuries since they lived. She also shares many of her poems and thoughts that have come about from her research. My favorite poem in the book was taken from St. Patrick's breastplate. Liz's original poetry that she includes in the book can also be found on her blog, along with the story of how Celtic Treasure came to be. Celtic Treasure gives the reader much to absorb and meditate on in light of scriptural truth.

Check out your local bookstore to find a copy. Kregel is the U.S. publisher for this latest book from Liz Babbs.

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Liz Babbs said...

Thanks for this timely review, Margie. Much appreciated. Just to point out that 'Celtic Treasure' is published by Lion Hudson but distributed by Kregel in America.

Many thanks,