Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Blog Tour

Early in July, I'm scheduled to do a spotlight on Megan DiMaria's debut novel, Searching for Spice. In the meantime go here to check out Andrea Boeshaar's post and giveaway of Megan's novel. When I reviewed Megan's book early last year to give her advice on whether it was ready for publication or not (it was), I was thrilled to find a book where the main character was close to my age. I'll give a longer review here later, but just to get your attention . . . Linda is dying to have an red-hot affair . . . with her husband of twenty-five years. But he's clueless. *smile*

So for a really good read and the chance for a free book, go to Andrea's blog and leave a comment.

Daily Bible reading: Tuesday, June 10—Jeremiah 15–17; Matthew 23:1–22
Wednesday, June 11—Jeremiah 18–19; Matthew 23:23–39
Thursday, June 12—Jeremiah 20–21; Matthew 24:1–28
Friday, June 13—Jeremiah 22–23; Matthew 24:29–51
Saturday, June 14—Jeremiah 24–26; Matthew 25:1–30
Sunday, June 15—Jeremiah 27–29; Matthew 25:31–46
Monday, June 16—Jeremiah 30–31; Matthew 26:1–25

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