Monday, June 2, 2008

Georgia on my Mind

Ha! Well, only because Roger is working in Georgia for the next few months. And as of last Friday, I'm now in Georgia with him. After our very cool spring in Colorado, the weather here is quite a . . . well, hmmm . . . how do I say this nicely? LOL It's plain hot and humid . . . and I know it gets worse. After all, it's only June 2!

Hard to believe I grew up in this kind of weather. . . . only lots farther south . . . in Texas. (Unless you want to count Costa Rica or Peru, both places I lived as a very young child. *smile*)

I am trying to get caught up in every area of life . . . unfortunately, I think some areas are doomed to permanent failure. That's what happens when I get too many things going at once. But it does look hopeful for my clients who have been patiently waiting for me to get to their projects. That's hopeful for me, too, actually.

Now if Blogger would just cooperate . . . tried to do this early this morning. Uh-uh. Not happening. So . . . while Roger is going around the apartment and fixing all the blinds (not happy unless he has a project to work on!), I'm posting . . . and catching up on all my blog reading. And trying to clear out my inbox. Sigh. Well, at least this post is getting done, even if I'm not really saying anything. *smile*

This last weekend Roger and I shopped for things for the apartment, getting him and me set up to live and work easier. Have to have a desk, for one thing. This one will travel with Roger as he'll probably be at several locations before working at home again. I think we're pretty much set up now. So tonight we were checking out things to do in Georgia to keep us busy on the weekends while I'm here. If you have any great suggestions, please pass them along!

I am going to try to be more regular on my posting again. So keep tuned.

Here's the Bible reading schedule for this week:

Tuesday, June 3—Hosea 9–11; Matthew 19
Wednesday, June 4—Hosea 12–14; Matthew 20:1–16
Thursday, June 5—Jeremiah 1–2; Matthew 20:17–34
Friday, June 6—Jeremiah 3–5; Matthew 21:1–22
Saturday, June 7—Jeremiah 6–8; Matthew 21:23–46
Sunday, June 8—Jeremiah 9–11; Matthew 22:1–22
Monday, June 9—Jeremiah 12–14; Matthew 22:23–46

And if you haven't checked out my aunt Carol's blog yet, please do. It's been a real blessing to me: My Prayer a Day.

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Kathy said...

I hear there's a good amusement park...or you could go to Lake Hartwell and jet ski. Oh wait, those are things I would do!!!

Maybe you could head over to the coast and visit Savannah - I've always wanted to do that.