Monday, February 4, 2008

This and That

Where does the time go? It's February already.

And it's snowing . . . again. Of course, we've not had as much snow as the mountains have, but several times since right before Christmas and the first of January, the weather "forecaasters" were telling us that we were getting all our snow/precipitation before Christmas, so to enjoy it. Well, . . . It's February 4, and the snowpack in the mountains is 128% of the average for this time of year. Yeah, we're going back into a drought and suffering from global warming!

Wednesday we were told to expect less than an inch of snow, starting at 11:00 a.m. Okay. At 11:00 the sun was still shining out of large patches of blue sky. But . . . by 5:30 p.m. it was snowing—hard. In about three hours we got 5–6 inches of new snow, snarling traffic and causing major problems into the next day. Maybe they'll redeem themselves today. We're supposed to get "about an inch," and if it keeps snowing the way it is now, they'll be right. It's a very lazy, flurrying type of snow right now. But we'll see.

Trying to find a schedule that works for both writing and editing is proving to be a difficult challenge. Yet I know it's something that has to be done. I just work better with large blocks of time. But the writing time so far has been the "block" that suffers. The Lord is still working on my listening skills—they're getting better, but still far from perfect.

Speaking of which, I should get on with things *grin*. We'll work a few more parallelism examples tomorrow.

Daily Bible reading: Isaiah 34–36; Mark 9:1–29

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CC said...

Margie--We've been at the coast for a couple of days, so just read your blog of the 4th. My prayer blog today was on "being still". Even as busy as we get, we must take time to just be still and bask in His love. Perhaps the lazy flurry of the snow helped you feel this stillness. For me this week it was watching the roaring of the ocean, knowing God was in control, brought a stillness to my soul. Praying for you. Love, Aunt Carol