Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dwell Deep

This morning I read this poem in my devotional Springs in the Valley by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman. Right after I read this, the Lord reminded me of John 15 where He calls us to abide in Him, living deep in His nature, in His care . . . in Him.

Dwell deep. When doubts assail and stealthy shadows creep
Across your sky, and fill you with a sense of doom,
And thunders roar, and lightnings frighten with their glare,
And old foundations seem to crumble 'neath your feet,
Dwell deep and rest your soul amid eternal things.
Upon the surface storms may rage, and billows break
On every beach of life, and fling disaster
Far and wide; but if your soul is dwelling quiet
In the depth, naught can farm you evermore. Therefore
Dwell deep, and rest your head upon the heart of God.

When he is quiet, who can make trouble? Job 34:29 NLT

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