Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are safely in Illinois. Safely being the operating word here. For any of you who have ever traveled I-80 through Nebraska and Iowa—well, Iowa especially is always busy. But yesterday snow was added to the mix, and it was beyond busy! So many accidents! Two in Omaha alone. It took us nearly two hours to get to Omaha from Lincoln, then another hour to make it across the Missouri. Iowa was a whole other story! Finally about Iowa City we drove out of the snow and it was just rain the rest of the way. Twelve hours to make an eight-hour trip. But . . . God is good! We were always able to stop when traffic came to a standstill. And we're here with family. The sun is shining this morning. Always a good thing! And our son, driving from his university in South Carolina in a truck that runs on prayers, made it in before us, safely.

This morning I read Psalm 18, reminding me once again that nothing is too difficult for the Lord. He is fighting the battles for us, sheltering us safe in His arms at the same time.

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving! On Monday, I'll post the next installment in Desperate Prayers and a Thankful Heart.

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