Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Royal and Ancient by Amanda Lauer

 I know, I know. It's been a long time. But I'm going to try to be a little more active on my blog right now.

I've done teaching at Beth Eden Baptist School, and I'm enjoying my retirement. But there are a few things I need to start up. And this is one of them.

I'm here to announce a new book that released yesterday. Please get the book and enter to win a copy of your own.

NOW AVAILABLE - Royal & Ancient by Amanda Lauer! Enter the GIVEAWAY here: https://bit.ly/46cEn5k  

Purchase here: https://bit.ly/3PY8UhA  #royalandancient #readchrismpress


I will post a review once I've read the book. :) 


And there will be some things for you to do during this next. month, too. So stay tuned!!


Here's a preview of the book:



About the Book

Bronwyn Campbell’s end-of-summer plans were simple: wrap up her job at Saint Andrews Country Club, meet her friends one last time at the virtual reality arcade, and move across the country—again—with her father. But when lightning strikes while she’s working the club’s Saint Andrews Heritage Day, she’s transported from an American fairway to the home of golf, The Links at St. Andrews, in Scotland—and in the year 1691, no less.

When Iain MacDonald discovers Bronwyn knocked out cold on the seventeenth green, little does he know their meeting will change not only the course of their lives but the course of history. The son of the chieftain of Clan MacDonald, Iain bears the weight of responsibility for his family and his clan’s survival on his shoulders. Family drama and the growing discord over religion in Scotland add to the heavy load he carries daily while stepping further into his role as future chieftain.

As political events between England and Scotland heighten the conflict surrounding the MacDonald lands, Bronwyn and Iain rely upon their shared faith and growing feelings toward each other for survival. Amid the questions that plague both of them, though, one stands out: How can you be with the one you love if your choice ultimately influences history?

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About the Author

An avid reader and history buff since childhood, award-winning author, journalist and screenwriter Amanda Lauer is the author of the Heaven Intended Civil War series. A World Such as Heaven Intended won the 2016 CALA Award and A Freedom Such as Heaven Intended earned the 2022 Catholic Media Book Awards: First Place Catholic Novels: Inspirational. Lauer’s first time-travel novel Anything But Groovy was released in 2021. She also contributed to the Catholic Teen Books anthologies Treasures: Visible & Invisible and Ashes: Visible & Invisible and worked with Archduke Eduard Habsburg to bring his children’s tale Dubbie: The Double-Headed Eagle to life. In addition, Lauer won the Red Letter Awards 2020 Best Writer or Screenplay for her work on the Christian film The Islands. Find her online at amandalauer.com.

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