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An Unholy Communion by Donna Fletcher Crow

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The newest offering in The Monastery Murders series, An Unholy Communion (Lion Fiction).

Following the ancient tradition, ordinands from the College of the Transfiguration gather at first light on Ascension morning to sing their praises from the top of the college's tallest tower. Not one to miss any liturgy, Felicity finds herself swept up in worship as she listens to the timeless words. But her delight quickly turns to horror when a black-robed body hurtles over the precipice and lands at her feet. Her investigative instincts immediately kick in when she sees a double-headed snake emblem clutched in the lifeless hand. Was this suicide? Or murder?

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Donna Fletcher Crow is author of more than thirty-five novels. She has twice won first place in the Historical Fiction category from the National Association of Press Women, and has also been a finalist for "Best Inspirational Novel" from the Romance Writers of America. She is a member of The Arts Centre Group, and Sisters in Crime.

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Margie's Comments: Let me say it upfront—I love Donna Fletcher Crow's books. Not only does she write wonderful mysteries, but she also combines the mystery with tons of English and Scottish history. In The Monastery Murder series, she focuses primarily on church history in the British Isles. Felicity and Antony, the primary characters, are well-developed characters who are flawed like any of us. But I like that they grow a little more in each book. In this third book, An Unholy Communion, Felicity and Antony are engaged to be married. After a body literally lands at Felicity's feet on Ascension Sunday, Antony wants to take her away from the investigation, and he asks her to co-lead a group of young people on a walking pilgrimage in Wales. She agrees but then is faced with many reminders of the dead man. The plot moves on—with brief pauses for a story from the past that lend to the experience of the pilgrimage. And soon Antony and Felicity find that the mystery surrounding the dead man and his untimely end has followed them. Great characters, a great plot, and yet another wonderful mystery from Donna Fletcher Crow. Well worth reading the entire series if you love suspense mixed with history.

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Donna Fletcher Crow said...

Marjorie, thank you for the lovely review qand for introducing me to your readers. I'm delighted that you are enjoying Felicity's adventures!