Monday, January 7, 2013

Radical Well-Being by Rita Hancock, MD

Radical Well-Being
By Rita Hancock, MD
Published by Siloam,
Charisma Media/Charisma House Book Group

About the author: 

Dr. Rita Hancock is a board-certified Physical Medicine specialist with subspecialty board certification in Pain Management, and she has been in full-time practice in Norman, Oklahoma for fourteen years. Currently, she serves as the Oklahoma delegate for the Christian Medical And Dental Association, as well as their official spokesperson on matters of diet and nutrition. Dr. Hancock is married to Ed and they have two children.

About the book:  

What’s blocking you from experiencing total wellness?

Research increasingly shows a strong connection between our spiritual life, our emotions, and our physical well-being. Yet too often our physical conditions are treated without taking our whole lives into account.  In Radical Well-being, Dr. Rita Hancock shows you how your mind, body, and spirit are connected and addresses the factors that can contribute, and even cause, illness, addictions, and chronic pain.

If you suffer from medical conditions like fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, neck or back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, jaw pain, food and drug allergies, depression, anxiety, or unwanted behaviors such as overeating, an eating disorder, overspending, drug abuse or alcoholism, Radical Well-being will show you a biblical, whole-body approach to overcoming your condition. With nearly twenty years of experience counseling patients from a balanced, mind/body/Holy Spirit perspective, Dr. Rita gives you practical nuts-and-bolts advice, including how to:

·Identify the lies that are manipulating you from a subconscious level
·Deal with emotional factors that can make your pain seem worse
·Address addictive behaviors that you want to get rid of
·Fully accept God's love and forgiveness on a deep, healing level

True freedom and improved health come when deeply rooted lies are illuminated and replaced with knowledge from the merciful heart of God. Radical Well-being will help you feel better in all three domains—in your mind, body, and in your spirit. You will end up feeling the way one of Dr. Rita's patients put it: "Like the weight of a skyscraper has been lifted off my shoulders."

Margie’s Comments: When I was first contacted about doing a review for Radical Well-being, I was in the middle of completing my book for publication on a biblical approach to dealing with depression. The similarities of the biblical application intrigued me, and I agreed to post a review close to Radical Well-being’s release—January 8. Another reason the book appealed to me was my chronic pain. Curious to know what a biblical, holistic approach to the pain issue would look like, I started reading. A little skeptical at first, I soon shed the skepticism when Dr. Hancock discussed the lies Satan doesn’t want revealed, the part emotions and misconceptions play in our physical health, and the scriptural behaviors and truths we need to embrace in order to see healing in every area of our lives and bodies. 

Only God could coordinate my reading Dr. Hancock’s book with my completing a similar book dealing with depression and anxiety. It was interesting to read about the same principles being applied to the root causes of many physical illnesses as well. The case studies and Dr. Hancock’s approach in dealing with her patients confirms the effectiveness of applying scriptural principles of taking our thoughts captive, revealing the lies we tend to cling to, and learning the truths of freedom in forgiveness and love. As the author states several times throughout the book (confirmed by the very practical help found in the Appendices), she practically spoon-feeds the reader so that by the end of the book most would be able to find their own emotional, physical, and spiritual freedom. 

I highly recommend this book, and I will be adding it to my list of resources for my own readers.

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