Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This 'n' That

Now that things are settling down from the latest conference, I'm attempting to be more faithful in blogging, among other things. Going into the Colorado Christian Writers Conference, I knew the Lord was trying to tell me something about the work He's called me to. Life seemed chaotic and out of control, full of "interruptions" I resented because of the time they took from what I saw as my "purpose" in life.

I've mentioned before that this year my word from the Lord is trust. And boy is He teaching me to trust wholly, completely on Him . . . for everything! A new friend pointed out in Sunday school one day in July that the basis lesson God is teaching all of us is trust. Everything—trial or blessing—boils down to that one word. I know that's true in my life.

A friend of mine from England (and a prayer warrior on my behalf), Liz Babbs, shared with me her concerns at CCWC in May. And I've been "chewing" on what she said all summer. I took her suggestions to the Lord, and He began to answer in very unexpected ways, from unexpected sources, as well as through His Word. When the answers clearly weren't what I expected to hear, I asked three other close friends and prayer buddies to spend a day at our cabin in late July. Through their prayers and through the Word the Lord brought to mind as they prayed, His answer was confirmed. And the Lord added a word: confidence.

And just in case I needed it, the Lord confirmed these things in several ways during the time I was in Pennsylvania earlier this month for the Philadelphia conference. Basically, the tasks I've been given to do cover four areas: editing, writing, speaking/teaching, and conference work. In every area, I've experienced opposition in various ways, making me question if at least one of them had to go. In every aspect, I am to continue to move forward. No matter the opposition—and that has been and continues to be great in ways that are hard to explain.

On Tuesdays for the next few weeks/months, however long it takes, I'm going to focus on the various aspects of the tasks I've been given to do. And just in case you're wondering, blogging more often about editing and writing outside of the book reviews I've done and posting the verse of the day is one of several ways I'm going forward with writing. One visible way that I'm making myself accountable to the readers of my blog. Feel free to remind me when I'm slipping in this area. *smile*

Now off to do my "day" job of editing.

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