Monday, October 6, 2008

New Blog and Web Site

In the past few weeks I've received e-mails from my friends about some new links to check out.

The first is Patricia Durgin's blog:

I first met Patricia several years ago when she asked me to edit several things before a conference. But we didn't meet face-to-face until last year's Colorado Christian Writers Conference. She's the kind of friend who pops in from time to time, checking up on me. (Never can have too many of those!) Her ministry is to those who are in difficult relationships—with parents, in marriage, with children, etc. So check out what she has to say.

The other is a link to watercolorist Teddi Wareham—a longtime friend. When we first moved to Colorado over twelve years ago, Teddi "adopted" my family. And she impressed us with her godly example and her generous spirit. That friendship has grown, and now Teddi is one of my dearest friends. Along with one other very dear friend, we try to meet regularly for dinner (ladies night out). Notice the emphasis on try. This year we've had a hard time connecting when we're all in town at the same time. LOL

I think you'll like her paintings. Check out her Web site:

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