Monday, May 5, 2008

Conference Preparation

Next week is the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. And it's already affecting me big-time. *smile* Comes with being the assistant to the director. As I spent four days on something that I expected (from past years) to take me two, I had to wonder why I had scheduled three proofreading projects that really needed to be done by today. Going from past experience, I purposely didn't schedule any proofreading projects to be due one week before, during, or after the conference. But hindsight says I should have planned two.

I've asked the Lord often in the last week why He allowed this, and the only answer I got was Ecclesiastes 11:6 (NLT): Be sure to stay busy and plant a variety of crops, for you never know which will grow – perhaps they all will.

Then, too, yesterday at church the Lord reminded me over and over that loving others as Christ loves them, having a heart for people, is an aspect of serving Him. And I certainly have had my share of dealing with people in love this past week. Somehow I don't think it will end. But that's okay. I'm learning that when I pray over a reply, I no longer want to lash out. I have more patience (something I learned a long time ago not to pray for, but . . . I think the Lord delights in answering those long ago prayers now *grin*).

So . . . thankfully I finished one project Friday night (late), the second last night (late). Today I'm devoting to the third project. THEN I can focus on CCWC. This week's major project is arranging for drivers for the faculty who fly in to DIA and need rides up to Estes Park where the conference is held. The fun starts next week on Tuesday.

Daily Bible reading: Tuesday, May 6—Numbers 23–25; Matthew 1
Wednesday, May 7—Numbers 26–28; Matthew 2
Thursday, May 8—Numbers 29–31; Matthew 3
Friday, May 9—Numbers 32–34; Matthew 4
Saturday, May 10—Numbers 35–36; Matthew 5:1–26
Sunday, May 11—Jonah; Matthew 5:27–48
Monday, May 12—1 Kings 1–2; Matthew 6:1–18

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