Monday, April 21, 2008


I love spring. Brown turns to green overnight—especially under a coat of spring snow, something we get with regularity here in Colorado. My daffodils have bloomed and been buried under snow at least three times while they bloomed. *smile* But their persistent sunny yellow reminds me that life in once again reborn.

It seems late, but the only green on our bushes and trees are on the lilacs. And I noticed one brave red tulip blooming at the front of the house as we turned the corner to home after church yesterday. At each new sign of life, I rejoice. God is good!

We've finally had several really nice days of spring weather. It's discouraging when one day hits 82° and then next is forty degrees colder! Yet the cold snaps are shorter and wetter . . . something we really need right now. Moisture. So far most of our April showers have come in the form of snow. And while the moisture is needed (we have had several very large, killer wildfires on the lower foothills and eastern plains in the last week), it slows down my husband's finishing work on his latest church building project.

Later today Roger leaves for Atlanta to transition into another church project and relieve a construction manager who is leaving the company. He'll be gone a few days, then returns to get this project ready for the dedication on Sunday. Next week he drives to Atlanta to begin work in earnest. They expect the job to be done in July. So begins another season of travel and change since there are no other construction jobs planned here in Colorado for a while.

Now that spring is here, I love spending time in my backyard with the lilacs, roses, and other flowers we've planted over the years. So I struggle with leaving this refuge to travel with Roger. Yet I know that the travel is only for a season.

Another busy week. Conference work is gearing up into full-time mode. ACFW Colorado is having their first-ever retreat this weekend. And I've taken on more editing projects. At least I'll be busy while Roger's gone. *smile* I'll try to get more regular with posting this week, too.

Daily Bible reading: Tuesday, April 22—Daniel 11–12; Revelation 2
Wednesday, April 23—Ecclesiastes 1–3; Revelation 3
Thursday, April 24—Ecclesiastes 4–6; Revelation 4
Friday, April 25—Ecclesiastes 7–9; Revelation 5
Saturday, April 26—Ecclesiastes 10–12; Revelation 6
Sunday, April 27—Numbers 1–2; Revelation 7
Monday, April 28—Numbers 3–4; Revelation 8

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