Monday, August 20, 2007

Catch up

Goodness. I knew I hadn't posted for a while, but I just saw it's been a whole month! Yet another sign of how crazy my life is. And another reminder that I need to slow it down. Since I blogged last, I've been in Philadelphia with my friend and mentor, Marlene Bagnull, assisting her with last-minute details for and then being at the Great Philadelphia Writers Conference. I also stayed a couple of days after the conference to help her start the mopping up details. I arrived back home late last Monday. I was also involved with the Nangie 303 clinic with Angela Hunt and Nancy Rue. I learned so much and came away greatly encouraged with my continued development as a writer.

This last week, I've been busy trying to meet several publishers deadlines for proofreading projects. I took Thursday off to drive our HIS Writers (Denver ACFW chapter) board to my cabin west of Boulder, about 15 miles from the Continental Divide. It's very rustic—no phone service, no electricity, no running water—but it's a great place to get away and focus on the Lord. Something we all needed. We didn't get any planning done, but we did have a wonderful time of prayers and meeting with God. I thank the Lord for Paula, Bonnie, Jill, and Kathy.

Then on Saturday, I was at the cabin again—wow! Twice in one week! Doesn't happen very often. This time I went with my husband and son. Randy will be heading back to college for his last semester of undergrad work this coming Saturday, so we're trying to spend some time with him, doing the things he doesn't get to do very often. And I don't think he's been to cabin for at least a year now. We did a little hiking, after the guys set up a new heating stove for the main room of our cabin.

Today is my husband's birthday! Happy birthday, honey. Yesterday we celebrated as a family; our daughter joined us for church and dinner. (She attends a different church in the area.) Good family time!

I plan to have a lighter week . . . after I finish one more project for a publisher today. I'm looking forward to another day in the mountains with Randy. He's climbing a fourteener today with friends; he's missed the mountains this summer, so he's trying to make up for lost time! And I don't mind, because I'm always up for a trip to the mountains. God is good! And we are blessed to own a cabin where we can get away and relax and enjoy His creation.

Have a good week! Thanks to all those who have left comments lately. I appreciate each of you.

Upcoming posts: We'll get back to the punctuation posts next week. On Thursday, I'll be posting a review of One Little Secret and an interview with the author, Allison Bottke. I'm enjoying the book immensely!

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